Chicago-proof houseplants

Bring a room together with houseplants

It’s worth getting over your fear of houseplants. Is fear too strong a word? Maybe, but so many people are fearful of which to select, how much to water, where to place, and whether or not to fertilize?! Fertilizer pushes a lot of people just about over the edge.

The thing is, houseplants can be the difference between a room with life, sparkle, personality or whatever you want to call it. At the end of the day, it’s really that feeling of, “wow, this room is really pulled together.” To help ease the tension, we’ve pulled together a list of our favorite, easy, winter-proof, Chicago-proof indoor houseplant beauties.


We love Aloe for a lot of reasons: it looks great in a pot, requires very little watering (in fact it prefers dry soil), and because you can use the pulp found inside the leaves as a natural healing agent.

English Ivy

These plants prefer cooler room temperatures, so they’re perfect for a drafty Chicago home. Adding an instant timeless look to any room, Ivy grows quickly and prefers moist soil.


There aren’t many things more beautiful than an orchid plant in full bloom. Orchids are also a great way to give a room a pop of sunny-feeling color in the dead of winter. They can’t be potted in soil and require very little water, and if you’re planning to invest in one, read up on care here first.


With hundreds of varieties, there’s a palm out there for every house. Some prefer full light, some like it shady, but all of them give a fun, lively look to any room. When you’re looking for a palm to take home, pick one that is about as tall you want it--they are very slow growing.

Peace Lily

Renowned for it’s ease of care, the Peace Lily will let you know it’s ready to be watered by drooping its leaves. When properly cared for (indirect light, fertilize, good drainage), this plant will also produce gorgeous white flowering fronds.