DIY: Hanging planters

Are those planters not the most gorgeous ever? They're Kaitlyn's masterpiece, featured in her West Loop home tour. The good news is that according to Kaitlyn, they aren't actually difficult to make, and she kindly laid out the materials and steps for us!


Two lengths of chain, cut to 3x the end height
1 10x10 piece of wood per planter
Planters, that have a lip or flare out at the top
Optional: wood stain
Two hooks, strong enough to hold the entire structure


1. Measure the circumference of a planter, below the flare.
2. Draw and cut a circle in the center of each piece of wood that is the same circumference as the planters. (This will make sure that the planter catches on the wood). A jigsaw is the best tool for this step.
3. Drill three holes, (large enough for the chain to fit through), in the board to form a triangle--two holes in the front corners and one in the back. 
4. Optional: stain the wood boards. 
5. Cut the chain into six even pieces and screw the hooks into the ceiling. String three chains from each hook. 
6. Thread the wood boards onto the chain at desired heights, holding the boards by affixing a washer underneath each corner. 
7. Add plants to each planter, and carefully drop one planter into each hole.