DIY: Upholstered headboard

Add color, texture and interest to your bedroom...on the cheap

Headboards are a great way to anchor a room. Especially in bedrooms in which the bed is literally front and center, a headboard is a great way to add color, texture and interest. But as gorgeous as they are, headboards can also be pricey! Fear not--making your own upholstered headboard is not only cheap, but also easy.


Fabric: The width of your bed, plus at least three extra feet
Batting: Two 10-yard rolls
Plywood: Cut to the width of your bed + two inches by 40 inches high
1x4: Two 3 foot long pieces
Staple gun
Drill and four one inch screws


1. Wrap the plywood in batting: Unroll the batting onto a large flat surface and lay the plywood on top. Tug each of the sides until it feels taught throughout. Staple into place. Turn the plywood over to check on tightness and adjust as necessary. Repeat with a second layer of batting.

2. Wrap the fabric: Place the fabric good side down onto a large flat surface and lay the plywood on top. If your fabric is uniformly patterned, use the pattern as your guide for laying the plywood down straight. From here, staple just the two shorter sides of the board.

3. Staple the top: Staple the top of the headboard next to ensure everything lies straight. pick up the headboard so that itโ€™s perpendicular to the ground and carefully staple the top in place. As long as corners are pulled back tightly, it really doesnโ€™t matter how you staple the corners down.

4. Staple the bottom: Turn the headboard over so the bottom is now the top and the board is perpendicular to the ground. Make sure everything is laying flat and smooth and staple.

5. Screw in the legs: The total length from the top of the headboard to the bottom of the legs should be a total of about 62 inches. Position the legs on either side of the headboard at this height, and screw in two screws about three inches apart.

Thatโ€™s it! From here you can set the board behind the mattress (leaning against the wall) or screw it into the bed frame.