Shop local: Furniture

Well-priced, unique and local

Shopping local feels so good sometimes. Especially when the products are more unique, better-made and cheaper than anything you can find online or in chain stores. Check out our roundup of Chicago’s best furniture stores:

  1. Nadeau: Founded on the concept that great furniture should be affordable for all, Nadeau delivers on its promise. Their furniture is all handmade and comes from either India or Indonesia, so many of the pieces feature intricate carvings or unique wrought iron detailing. Nadeau keeps costs down by buying directly from suppliers and in turn selling at wholesale prices. *Tip: while the warehouse is seemingly full of furniture, inventory goes fast. Sign up for their newsletter for new shipment alerts. Website here.  

  2. Wrightwood Furniture: Open by a father-and-son team that saw a better way to sell furniture, Wrightwood Furniture buys and sells furniture directly, cutting out the middle man and lowering prices. Their Lincoln Park warehouse is filled with unique, industrial-leaning pieces made mostly from wood and wrought iron. Website here. 

  3. Domicile Furniture: Domicile has furniture made from all types of materials for every room of the house. And, while you can customize just about every aspect of a couch (style, fabric color/type, cushions, etc.), they also stock many of the most popular for immediate delivery. Website here. 

Image source: Nadeau