Organize and simplify your pantry

My pantry isn’t much, but it’s an endless sense of joy. Carving out a devoted spot for tools and foods we use so regularly makes cooking easier and more fun. We started with only the shelves, and truthfully, to make the whole thing functional, we didn’t spend more than about $50.

I will say this: functional pantries aren’t necessarily the most Pinterest perfect. As much as I’d love gorgeous woven baskets for storage, you can’t see what is inside! My brain can’t comprehend the logistics. There’s more where that tip came from:

Group similar foods: Because they’re probably about the same size, and perhaps interchangeable for easy grabbing.

Storage: After you’ve made your groups, figure out how many storage containers you will need. Measure your shelving and figure out how many shelves your storage bins will require. Also, go for bins you can see into--for easy access, but also so that products that require air (potatoes, onions), don’t rot.

We bought everything at The Container Store: these bins (similar), these dry goods containers and this spice rack

Accessibility: Place the things you use the most in the easiest to access areas. On that note, place heavier items in areas where they are easy to lift.

Use the walls: We hung a spice rack, but you could also hang shelving for cans, tupperware, water bottles...

Perfection takes time: Don't move in and tackle the pantry first. Take note of your habits over a few months to see what makes sense for your eating habits and space.