The best (free!) way to beat the August heat in Chicago

You have three weekends left to take advantage of one of Chicago's best kept secrets for beating the August heat. But really, the Chicago Park District pools are actually not a secret at all, they just kind of feel that way.

A little anecdote: when we moved to Ravenswood about a year ago, one of the major selling points for us was living across the street from Chase Park. At the time we thought we were signing up for a great playground, track and community center...where we could vote once a year or something like that. 

We truly didn't realize until months later that Chase Park is also home to an incredible public pool. Like real public: you walk in, they say hi, and then you enjoy the facilities for as long as your little heart desires...for free! When we're there, it feels like we're on vacation, or at the very least, like our monthly assessments should cover such luxury. I mean, imagine it: it's 90 degrees on a Saturday in August, and you can enjoy a clean, relatively empty, cool outdoor pool, for free. 

The outdoor public pools close on Labor Day. There are literally dozens of public pools tucked into secret corners throughout the city. Check out all the details here, and surprise yourself by finding one a few blocks away from where you live. I dare you.