Why we love: Lincoln Park #3

Stats: 3 bed, 2 bath + 1 garage spot

Sometimes things fall into place juuuussst in the knick of time. Such was the story for Will and Stephanie who were about to give up hope when they found their home. Plus, they had a deadline by the name of Ethan, their son who was born just eight weeks after they moved into their new home. 

Stephanie and Will love Lincoln Park for it's infinite number of parks, tree-lined streets--coupled with the hustle and bustle of DePaul, and proximity to Whole Foods. They used the support of interior design team Stelly & Oscar, and the end result is a family-oriented, yet refined home you kind of never want to leave. One of the most unique features that I happen to love is the floor plan. You walk into the living/dining/kitchen space, with bedrooms off a long hallway. At the end of the hallway is magic in the form of a separate family room equipped with a kitchenette and a large balcony--the perfect entertaining space, but also a great everyday hang out spot. 

How long have you lived in your home?
We moved here in October of 2014. 

Why did you originally move here?
Before moving to Lincoln Park we lived in River North, but knew we needed a bigger place since I was due with our first child. We looked literally all over the city--West Loop, Bucktown, River North, Old Town and Lincoln Park--and saw probably 30 properties. Just as we were about to figure out a way to make our rental work with a baby, we found this place, which checked all of our boxes. 

How long do you plan to live here?
We're planning for 3-5 years, and will move on as our family expands. 

What is your favorite part of your home?
The back family room/lounge is where we typically gravitate as a family. It's where we installed the "big TV" and has enough floor space that our son can play with his toys.  We also love the wet bar and end up spending many evenings just hanging out, or relocating to the adjacent deck --it's the perfect place for a drink while watching the sunset after our son goes to sleep!

What is your least favorite part of your home?
We really pushed ourselves to decorate the main living spaces and nursery before the baby arrived, and in the end may have blown a few budgets along the way! As a result, our master bedroom has been a bit neglected, and feels like it's missing something. Once our budget recovers, I'm excited to hang some wallpaper, and swap out our bedding.

What is your favorite part of your neighborhood?
Now that we have a baby, we're constantly trying to find kid-friendly places that keep all of us on the move and entertained. We love the parks (I didn't realize how many we had within walking distance!) and the newly-renovated Lincoln Park Library has definitely exceeded expectations. I'm also obsessed with our tree-lined street and love opening the big sliding doors off the kitchen during the warmer months and watching the trees sway.

What is your least favorite part of your neighborhood?
Being so close to DePaul means that during the school year there can be a lot of congestion at certain times of the day. The restaurants that cater to a younger crowd are packed, and the streets fill up with bikes and cars, making parking difficult. That said, it keeps us young to be among the students, and adds a vibrance to the neighborhood that otherwise wouldn't be here.  The students, families, and young professionals usually get along really well.

What are you favorite local establishments?
The Bagelers Coffeehouse: My go-to for coffee, and they also make great chai tea lattes
Monica + Andy: I love their mom and baby music classes and weekly reading events
The Monkey's Paw: Great local restaurant with a very good wine list
Crossing Tavern: We love eating outside

How do you get to work?
Will takes the Brown Line from Fullerton to the Merchandise Mart. I use the El all the time with the baby too, it's much easier than I thought. 

Where do you grocery shop?
When Whole Foods took over the old Dominick's on Fullerton and Sheffield, it was such a game changer for the neighborhood. We are there on a near daily basis, and spend more money there then we'd like to know/admit.

How often do you walk around your neighborhood?
Walking to all the various parks, cafes, and restaurants with outdoor seating (including some really cool hidden patios) is a must! The Diversey Driving Range is also a short bike ride away, which my husband frequents in the summer. 

Are you friends with your neighbors?
Aside from the infrequent dinner get-together, we mostly just wave in the hallway. We have so many friends within walking distance, that we tend to stick in that circle. 

What is the general vibe of your neighborhood?
A great mix of students, young professionals, and families all across the age spectrum. It's good to feel comfortable where you live.

Are some areas of your neighborhood more favorable than others? 
Having lived on Clark before, I wouldn't do it again because it was so loud. Same goes for Lincoln or any other large thoroughfare. 


Editor's note: If you're looking to buy or sell in Lincoln Park, I'd love to help!