Why we love: Roscoe Village #2

A mural painter by trade, Kelli's creative spirit and painting prowess shine through in nearly even nook and cranny of her Roscoe Village 2 bed, bath apartment. Claiming she had never lived in an actual neighborhood until landing in Roscoe Village, Kelli and husband Jason, actually found their apartment by total happenstance. 

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How long have you lived in your home?
Five years. 

Why did you originally move here?
Before we lived here, we moved to Arlington Heights because we were sick of the city. We lasted ten months--we were the odd men out! As luck would have it, my old landlord had emailed me asking if I knew anyone looking for an apartment. He had two units available, and we picked this one!

How long do you plan to live here?
For the foreseeable future. 

What is your favorite part of your home?
The living room because of the new pink stripe I painted and the bar area we just constructed. 

What is your least favorite part of your home?
I wish we had a guest room. The pull out couch just isn't cutting it anymore. 

What is your favorite part of your neighborhood?
It's just easy. We can go outside and it's safe, beautiful and easy to get anywhere.

What is your least favorite part of your neighborhood?
Cubs games. The traffic makes it s hard to get home. I feel like we're far from Wrigley, but we're really still too close. 

What are you favorite local stores?
Volo: our favorite restaurant!
Bow Truss Coffee Roasters
Four Moon Tavern
District: I find amazing pieces here
Lost Lake: the best tiki bar ever!
West Lakeview Liquors: great selection

How do you get to work?
Kelli: works from home
Jason: takes the train or rides his motorcycle to the Wrigley Building

How long is your commute?
Jason: 30-40 minutes

Where do you grocery shop?

How often do you walk around your neighborhood?
Every day--either to Starbucks or to our friend's, who live down the street. I also train for races all the time--my goal this year is to run one half marathon per month. 

Where do you plan to move next?
Actually, Munich! For so long, Jason and I both had the goal of spending a significant amount of time in Europe. Jason got a great opportunity at work, and now we're able to live our dream and spend six months in Munich and six months here. 

Are you friends with your neighbors?
Not really with our immediate neighbors. 

Does your neighborhood feel safe?
Yes, totally--except Cubs nights!

What is the general vibe of your neighborhood?

Are some areas of your neighborhood more favorable than others? 
I personally don't like hanging out by Western since it's so congested.