Why we love: Ukrainian Village

Stats: 3 bed, 2 bath duplex up

Dina and Mike moved to Ukrainian Village in search of more space after living on the 22nd floor of an Uptown high rise. The home they settled on they say feels like an urban retreat, and boasts one of the biggest decks we've ever seen. 



How long have you lived in your home?
One year. This is our first house. 

Why did you originally move here?
We wanted more space, and to find a house we could live in for five to ten years. You can get more value in Ukrainian Village than in Bucktown/Ukrainian Village, so we were focused our search here. We also knew we didn't want a condo--we were coming from living on the 22nd floor.

What is your favorite part of your home?
The roof deck and the laundry room. The size of our deck is definitely a unique feature, and it really makes our home feel calm even though we're in the middle of the city. It really feels like the perfect retreat! We also love the floor to ceiling windows and natural light. 

What is your least favorite part of your home?
For a relatively big place, we wish there was more storage. We also don't love all the stairs. 

What is your favorite part of your neighborhood?
Our neighbors, the fact that it's up and coming, all of the old churches and the unique mix of people. We see everyone from young families, older Ukrainian people and hipsters. 

What is your least favorite part of your neighborhood?
Plowing the snow out of our alley. There's also a weird trend we've noticed: a lot of people shoot of fireworks at all hours throughout the summer.

What are you favorite local stores?
Lockdown Bar & Grill, Bite Cafe, Empty Bottle, Sportsman's Club for live music and a great beer garden and Rootstock Wine & Beer Bar. There are also a ton of great vintage shops on Chicago and Augusta. 

How do you get to work?
We drive together to the Loop. 

How long is your commute?
15-20 minutes

Where do you grocery shop?
The Mariano's at Chicago and Damen.

How often do you walk around your neighborhood?
In the summer, every weekend. We run around Smith Park and also walk around Humboldt Park. 

Where do you plan to move next?
To the suburbs.

Are you friends with your neighbors?
Yes! We are now very good friends with the people who live in our building. 

Does your neighborhood feel safe?
Yes. We live very close to a school and one of our neighbors works for the state police, so we see police in our area very frequently. 

What is the general vibe of your neighborhood?
It's a total mix. There are people who have lived here a long time, young couples, and you also get that great Ukrainian feel. 

Are some areas of your neighborhood more favorable than others? 
We wouldn't want to go West of Western or too close to the United Center.