Why we love: Lincoln Park

Stats: One bed, one bath apartment

Meet Maya, the visionary behind this colorful, effortless, fun and all around happy Lincoln Park apartment, who also happens to be the voice behind the aptly named blog, Charmingly Styled. If you're anything like me, you wonder if fashion/lifestyle blogger's homes are just as perfect as you imagine. In the case of Maya, her apartment is truly a perfect reflection of the girl you come to know and love on her site. She's lived in the space for two years, and in that time has discovered some of the best Lincoln Park has to offer.

How long have you lived in your home?
Two years. 

Why did you originally move here?
It's always been a dream of mine to move to Lincoln Park. Then two years ago when friends moved to the area, I decided to make the dream come true. It feels so safe here, and of course, it's so beautiful. 

How long do you plan to live here?
For the next three to five years. It's a really nice space for just me, but too small for any more people. 

What is your favorite part of your home?
All the color! I'm usually a neutrals girl, but my mom has helped me introduce pops of color over time. 

What is your least favorite part of your home?
The color of the walls. They were this color when I moved in, but eventually I'd love to paint a few accent walls to help differentiate the spaces. I also sometimes hear the neighbors that live directly above me. 

What is your favorite part of your neighborhood?
The people around here are so friendly, plus everyone has a puppy, which is a major bonus. We also have great local restaurants, and I have everything else I need beyond restaurants within 4-5 blocks. I never need to leave!

What is your least favorite part of your neighborhood?
Sometimes when the weather is bad the El feels far away--though it's really only eight blocks. 

What are you favorite local establishments?
Sweet Mandy B's: it's a blessing and a curse that it's so close
Homeslice: good pizza
Range: the food is truly amazing
Derby: great for an after work drink, and a $2 burger on Mondays!
Floriole: free wifi and delicious croissants

How do you get to work?
I take the Red Line to the Aon Center.

How long is your commute?
About 30 minutes.

Where do you grocery shop?
The new Whole Foods on Fullerton or Mariano's. 

How often do you walk around your neighborhood?
Really every day. I try to take advantage of everything we have so close by. 

Where do you plan to move next?
If I'm living in Chicago, I'll be in Lincoln Park for sure. Otherwise maybe Portland, or somewhere in Los Angeles. 

Does your neighborhood feel safe?
Yes. This is honestly one of the reasons to move to Lincoln Park. 

What is the general vibe of your neighborhood?
Chill. And puppies!

What do you do on weekends in your neighborhood?
I usually start the day with a trip to Green City Market and then go out somewhere along Lincoln Ave, maybe to Red Lion or Barrelhouse Flat. On Sundays, you'll usually find me at Floriole. 

Are some areas of your neighborhood more favorable than others? 
To me it's better to live near Webster, not on Webster. I also love living across the street from a school because I use the field all the time.

When you think of your home, what comes to mind? 
I come home and completely relax. It's a break from responsibilities. 

Editor's note: If you or someone you know is thinking of buying or selling in Lincoln Park, I'd love to help!