Bucktown is having a moment

Are there some of you out there that still think of Bucktown/Wicker Park as the "cheaper" albeit more hipster option? I get it. And six months ago you'd have been right. But there's something in the water, or cold pressed juice as the case may be, on the other side of 90/94. 

As of this month, it is now more expensive to purchase a condo in Bucktown/Wicker Park than it is in Lincoln Park. And, there's really no signs of stopping with average sales prices increasing at a rate of 3.6% to the west (Lincoln Park is currently flat). 

Why? This is always a guessing game, but my money is on a pretty classic combination of timing + the installation of the city's hottest new public park. In terms of timing, five years ago Wicker Park/Bucktown was a riskier move. It definitely had strong elements of cool + hipster vibes + great public transit options, but it was a new enough destination that those with more cautious tendencies might consider biding their time. Now it's totally proven from restaurants to retail, parks to schools. The positive activity surrounding the 606 is also undeniable. 

If you're considering a move to the west, consider fast!