North Center home values on the (major) rise

Looking for a single family home within city limits? For a long time, North Center was the less expensive fallback. It was comforting to know, well, if we can't find something in Lakeview or LIncoln Park in our price range, we can always check out North Center. Welp, times they are a changin', my friends. 

In the past year, North Center single family home sales have increased nearly 15%, even alongside the modest gains of Lincoln Park and Lakeview. If you're thinking of buying a single family home, definitely check out this massive neighborhood. Technically, North Center stretches all the way from Montrose in the North to Diversey in the south. It also includes much of Roscoe Village in its territory along with Lane Tech, one of the city's most competitive public high schools. You have the River to the east, and the Metra to the west--it really does have so much to offer!