“Why do you love where you live?” 

Through that simple question, Neighborhooding’s mission is to get to the bottom of why Chicagoans love their city, neighborhood and home. I stalk the real estate market, traipse around the city, and help people make their house into the home of their dreams (one DIY project at a time). 

I created the site because real estate could use a dose of humanity. With an endless supply of websites providing valuations, crime stats, graphs and maps, I craved a source for what it really means to live in a Chicago neighborhood. Where do people in Roscoe Village grocery shop? Do they feel safe? Do they sleep with their windows open in the summer? These are the types of answers you'll find on Neighborhooding--and I go straight to the source, interviewing Chicagoans all over the city. 

As a broker, Neighborhooding is an invaluable resource for my clients and me.

I take the responsibility of helping my clients find a home very seriously, because finding a home is serious...and stressful. My goal is to make decisions easier, and take the guesswork out of finding the right home. Neighborhooding paints a picture. I'm able to say to my clients, “Here’s what it will look and feel like to live in this area.” In the end, this little site ends up making huge decisions just a bit easier. My clients and I feel equipped, knowledgeable and informed. 

Having built the site, I realized I wasn’t the only one looking for such a resource--Neighborhooding fills a gap in the market, bringing people back again and again. For my seller clients, this means a fresh audience of eyeballs eager to learn about new listings. For more information regarding my marketing strategies, please contact me directly. 

Lauren Painter
Founder and Editor, Neighborhooding
Broker, Baird & Warner